We are here to help. We are facilitators. We work to connect people.

Art Habit is being developed as a new type of business for the arts. Under a social business model, it will serve to alleviate the problem many artists face: the need to forgo their creative careers due to financial obligations, inhibiting the community's exposure to originally created artworks. By definition, a social business is self-sufficient and non-dividend. This sets us apart from traditional non-profit spaces - freeing up time from fund seeking to focus on the artists needs and commercial galleries - giving working artists a bigger share and empowering them to become entrepreneurs.

With a high interest and growing demand for our services, we have started working as consultants, on a one-on-one / project basis. If you have a project that requires some extra assistance, contact us. We are happy to be a helping hand in any way we can.

In the long term Art Habit will serve as a virtual community, where through a membership program, Art Makers can receive the administrative and business assistance they need to be able to focus on creating. To increase support, we will work with Art Lovers simplifying the process of living with art, through site-specific and professionally curated art work collections available for short term loan and acquisition. Art habit has a network of professionals and artists that can be tapped in for the enrichment of all involved.