Art Habit is your direct line to artists and their creative creations.

We connect you to a hand selected list of artists. We provide a complete art service installation for your business, office, condo and home. From an initial selection from pre-curated collections, our team will work with you to create a professionally curated and site specific art show. We take care of every step from beginning to end. Our work is not done until your space is alive with art and you are in love with every single piece. From short term loans to collection development, one at work at a time, ART HABIT does the leg work for you to own original works of art.

In working to increase the reach of artworks to our local community, we work in curating, hosting and managing diverse exhibitions, show cases and events.

If you love arts and are ready to brighten up, not only your walls, but your life, contact us and we can help.