Make ART your HABIT

For us, this goes full circle: We support artists. Artists produce more. We all enjoy access to their creative wonders.

Art Habit’s mission is to increase the presence of art in our lives by providing career support and artistic opportunities for artists and creatives, allowing them to focus on making art.

The Art Services are designed to serve professionals in various arenas of the art market. We cater our services to visual artists, galleries, patrons, and alternative organizations. We are facilitators.

The Event Services are unique ways to add fine art to special occasions, surprise your guests with art and entertainment. We are your link to artists.

The Commission & Consulting Services are based on you. With the flexibility to tailor our services to your particular needs, it provides one-on-one assistance on a project basis. We are here to help.


Art Habit as Social Business in the Arts

Social businesses understand that people are multi-dimensional, with their interests motivated by more than just money.  The same is true for art patrons.  Support for an arts focused social business is a way to ensure the continuous enrichment of society through the constant production of new ideas. A constant flow of original artworks by creative professionals assures a wide range of imagery for the cultural enhancement of communities.

Art Habit aims to relieve the social problem that forces artists to forego their creative careers in search of more stable finances. We do this by providing artists with work opportunities in the arts, relieving financial stress that can hinder their creativity and art making. We work to increase the reach of artworks through cultural productions, curated exhibitions, showcases, event entertainment, as well as one-on-one consulting and commissions. Art enriches every aspect of life.



The Art Habit team:


Ananda DeMello

Founder & Director


She is a cultural producer and curator.

Can do attitude and problem solver.

Detail oriented almost to the point of obsession. 

With a big smile, she will ensure the project gets done.

Jason Profile.jpg

Jason Aponte

Artist & Partner


He is a fine artist and illustrator.

Macgyver-esque resourcefulness. 

A constant observer with freakish photographic memory. 

A kind and loyal man, he always puts his best foot forward. 


Photos credit: Ralph Ventura