Art Habit increases the reach of artist’s work through cultural projects and exhibitions.
Let us manage your next project, simplifying the process of an art filled experience.  

Curatorial Projects

§  Exhibition Curating: conceptualize, select artwork and determine placement for display

§  Logistics: handle and manage all details involving the exhibition plan and conception

§  Installation Management: organize and manage preparatorial staff to ensure a meticulous install

§  Curatorial Text: descriptive text detailing concept of exhibition including the relation between the artwork displayed

§  Event Hosting: receive and engage with guests during exhibition opening event

§  Programming Development: create a new program to enhance your existing schedule or to add value by offering your clients something new

§  Implementation: find the right professionals to present program and provide administrative support on run of event

Cost: $2,500 retainer per project  


If you need assistance with a specific project, contact us for a quote.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A la carte services include: 

§ Cultural Production

§ Exhibition Curating

§ Installation Management

§ Art Handling and Prepatorial Work

§ Site Specific Projects: location scouting, site visits, community outreach

§ Collection Curating: revive private or public spaces